Code Compliance

Did your contractor tell you that your project didn’t need a permit? Or did they pull a permit and then never finish getting all the inspections?”  Code Compliance has now shown up and told you you need a permit or your trying to sell your home and you have open permits.

This is a common story in South Florida. We have very strict building code rules intended to minimize our insurance exposure to hurricanes, floods, and other liabilities. There are very few exceptions to the code that allow work to be done without a permit.  Unless the total value of the work is less than $500 and or you are repairing an existing piece of equipment, you need a permit.

Contractors often try to convince owners that they do not need a permit.  The reason being,  to get a permit involves creating plans for the work to be done by a Certified Architect or Engineer,  obtaining a survey of the property,  and the time to go through the different departments that review those plans.  If the true costs of all of that work are added to the project,  often owners no longer want to do the project.

Unfortunately, governments obtain a lot of revenue through permitting fee’s.  In this era of shrinking budgets, governments are being more vigilant about enforcing the rules and collecting those fee’s.  Once a code enforcement citation has been levied against the property, the property owner most resolve the citation to sell the property. Properties with citations also incur double the permit fee’s until the citation is resolved.

If you have a code compliance problem or expired permits,  we can help.  We know the Florida Building Code and will analyze your situation and come up with the best and least expensive strategy to resolve the issue.